What’s Your Definition Of Women’s Empowerment In India?

Women Empowerment Topic

We like to think that women’s empowerment in India has a long way to go compared to Western nations. But when you look at women in Middle Eastern countries you really start to appreciate the gender equality that we have, meagre though it may be.

The definition of women’s empowerment is actually different for different people, but there’s an underlying base that cannot change regardless of nationality, caste, colour, or profession.

Look at a simple example. A young working professional who stays with her parents in law says, “We were planning to take a family vacation together, and when it came deciding where and when I wasn’t even asked by my parents-in-law. I thought my opinion and convenience would matter too, but maybe I was wrong.”

The example above is a common scenario in a so-called empowered urban woman’s life. When you consider a 13-year-old girl who was raped in a village in UP by her own uncles, you start to wonder what the definition of women’s empowerment would mean to her.

After her father’s death, her mother had planned to take her to and live in the nearby town, so that she could send her to school. But financial troubles meant fate had something else in store. So you see what I mean? To this little girl, women’s empowerment would have meant going to a primary school, and plain escaping rape.

Physical empowerment is something that women can only hope for. It’s ironic to see prostitution on one hand, and slut-walks being planned on the other. One cries out “empower us” while the other cries out to prove that we are empowered.

Butt-pinching, cat-calls and whistles in a bus, to the extreme case of rape and murder, while stepping out at night in a city like Delhi or Bangalore are all proof to the fact that we have a long way to go to be assured of even basic safety. As per census data, between the years 2010 and 2011, around 8 million female fetuses have been aborted.

Intellectually, we are more empowered than women in many other countries. Indian women are choosing to study and carve their own niche in various fields. There is scope for enormous improvement in the field of education for the girl child.

A 24-year-old software professional says that when she and her manager had a discussion on growth prospects in the organization, he said: “If you’re serious about your career, I think you should look at these options.” “I’d lost him at the ‘if you’re serious about your career’” she says.

Emotionally, the definition of women’s empowerment is again very blurred. Today, a lot of women choose their own partners and marry for love, but then do we see any fall in the number of stories that are reported about dowry-related suicides or murders?

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Can You Start A Day Trading Career From Home?

Day Trading Career From Home

Fascinated by online stock trading? Can day trading make money for you?

Since the advent of the Internet, both stock investors and day traders have had the opportunity to make their own decisions – and perhaps most importantly – time them perfectly without having to be at the mercy of the brokers.

If you have enjoyed initial success with stock trading you might be pondering the question – can online stock trading be your work at home career? Or, in other words, can you make a comfortable living from share market trading?

This day trading article explains the attraction and the pitfalls of the day trading lifestyle for beginners to help you decide if a day trading career is right for you.

Learn day trading and stock trading tips, the importance of a day trading strategy or stock trading plan, what day trading academy and day trading schools can help you learn day trading rules and stock trading for beginners.

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How To Start And Run A Tuition Centre From Home

two girls doing school works
Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah on Pexels.com

With the poor quality of instruction in today’s educational system and institutions, it’s no wonder that many students are falling through the cracks and unable to understand the concepts taught in class.

That is why queries such as “math tutor near me” are becoming more popular on search engines like Google. A lot of parents are trying to find a local tutor for tutoring at home for their kids.

With so much demand for home tutoring, running a tuition centre or home tutoring service is one of the most popular options when it comes to setting up a business from home.

A centre for tutoring at home can be small or large, based at home, or in a rented space. Read on to find out more about how you can start and run your very own tuition centre at home in India.

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How To Deal With Divorce In India

broken heart love sad
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We marry with the hope that it will last till death do part. But, not all married couples go on to live happily ever after.

Earlier, more couples chose on to live in dysfunctional marriages, as they followed traditional norms to stay trapped in an unhappy marriage. Nowadays, when a marriage doesn’t work despite repeated trials, couples part their ways in the divorce court to start life anew.

Though divorce liberates a woman from a hopeless marriage, it is an unpleasant experience for most. Some resort to self-destructive ways to grapple with it. Others have a mature way of coming to terms with it.

Surviving divorce is not easy. Get divorce recovery tips and divorce advice for women and learn how to deal with starting over after a divorce.

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Coping With Divorce: 10 Tips For Indian Women

4 Undeniable Benefits Of Insurance Agent Jobs

Insurance Agent

Many people typically think of an insurance career as a boring desk job involving lots of filing, paperwork, or being a call-centre representative.

And yes, insurance jobs may not seem like the most exciting job available. But you’d be surprised to learn that these insurance company jobs may actually be a lot more rewarding and less dreary than expected.

Yes, you may still have to deal with the paperwork and sit at a desk every day, but there is a lot more to a career in the insurance sector than that.

In this article, you’ll learn about the undeniable benefits of an insurance career and 4 reasons why choosing insurance as a career and getting a job in the insurance sector can be an attractive option for you.

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Free Guide To Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs

The future of education lies in online learning and online courses, and the most important job of the future could well be that of an educator or virtual tutor. The number of students trying to find tutors online for online homework help is increasing every day.

Online tutoring is one of the best part-time jobs a work-at-home mom (WAHM) or student can do in order to earn some extra cash. Providing online tutoring for kids can help you earn $20 to $50 an hour depending on your subject expertise.

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